WG 5 - Education & jobs

WG 5 - Education & jobs

Reference Actions of the EUSDR Action Plan
(European Commission's Document SEC(2010) 1489, December 2010):

"To invest in education and jobs in the Danube navigation sector"

The inland navigation sector has to cope with a shortage of qualified personnel on board of vessels, in inland ports and also in the logistics sector. The main problems are little investments in the educational system, unfavourable working conditions, a general underrepresentation of inland navigation in transport logistics education, as well as insufficient or outdated teaching materials. Securing that the latest and up-to-date information sources are used in general logistics education curricula is imperative, if future logistics dispatchers are to consider inland waterway transport in their modal choice.  

The Working Group on Education & jobs therefore supports all initiatives concerning the standardisation of qualifications and the development of training programmes in logistics education.

ongoing  initiatives

  • EDINNA - Education in Inland Navigation Network:
    The association of inland waterway navigation schools and training institutes in Europe supports the European Commission in its efforts to harmonise education and certification in inland navigation.