WG 2 - Ports & sustainable freight transport

WG 2 - Ports & sustainable freight transport

Reference Actions of the EUSDR Action Plan
(European Commission's Document SEC(2010) 1489, December 2010):

"To develop ports in the Danube river basin into multimodal logistics centres"
"To promote sustainable freight transport in the Danube region"


National  port  development

Taking into account changing demands of the port users and capacity bottlenecks, the continuous extension, rehabilitation and modernisation of waterside infra- and suprastructure is crucial in order to ensure safe and efficient port operations. There are a significant number of enhancement and modernisation projects currently under execution in all countries along the Danube and its navigable tributaries (e.g. quay wall restorations, terminal extensions, Roll-on/Roll-off facility enlargements and the modernisation or construction of supporting port facilities). Romania has by far the largest number of ongoing infrastructure enhancement projects which is due to the fact that Romania has the largest number of ports per country.
All TEN-T core ports along the Danube have a rail and road connection but of varying quality and capacities. The accessibility and connectivity of ports is of utmost importance to connect the waterways with the hinterland. Convenient port services like shore-side electricity supply facilities or waste water management facilities as well as transparent port charging systems enhance user-friendliness.

Transnational  initiatives

Port development is most sustainable when it takes into account not only the respective port areas and hinterland, but also development capacities and functional specialisations of other ports as well as gaps in the port network along the Danube. Several initiatives already developed common strategic approaches, but are hampered primarily by the non-existence of appropriate governance mechanisms and funding schemes for the implementation of concrete actions.

The Working Group on Ports & sustainable freight transport primarily provides support for the development of sustainable freight transport and business development in the Danube Region.

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ongoing  initiatives

National  port  development

Transnational  initiatives

  • DAPhNE – Danube Ports Network (EUSDR Strategic Project)
  • DBS Gateway Region – Regional and Transport Development in the Danube-Black Sea Region towards a Transnational Multiport Gateway Region
  • ENERGY BARGE - Building a Green Energy and Logistics Belt
  • Danube Logistics Portal (ongoing):
    The Danube Logistics Portal provides useful services for Inland Waterway Transport along the Danube. By entering the cargo to be shipped, the loading and unloading port, the type of ship to be used and the operation mode of the vessel into the “Transport Planner” a complete overview of all possible service providers (shipping and brokering), information on the loading and unloading ports and the estimated travel time of the transport are provided.