Waterway Infrastructure

Waterway Infrastructure

Actions on waterway infrastructure

The following actions for achieving the targets regarding waterway infrastructure in the Danube region are specified in the Action Plan (SEC(2010) 1489 final) which accompanies the Communication of the European Commission on the European Union Strategy for the Danube Region (COM(2010) 715 final) of 8.12.2010:

  • To complete the implementation of TEN-T Priority Project 18 on time and in an environmentally sustainable way
    Key tasks: remove existing navigability bottlenecks; use environmentally sustainable solutions; take into account likely impacts of climate change, the preservation of functioning ecosystems and the Joint Statement's planning guidelines
  • To invest in waterway infrastructure of the Danube and its tributaries and develop the interconnections
    Key tasks: improve waterway network in order to enable hinterland connections; consider infrastructure for missing links and the development of onward links to the Black Sea and beyond

Projects and project ideas

Aimed at the implementation of the above-mentioned actions, the following projects and project ideas have been reported to or identified by the Priority Area Coordinators:

Danube waterway:

Germany: Upgrade of the Danube Straubing–Vilshofen, subsection 1 (Straubing–Deggendorf) - Design, approval planning and public consultation within the frame of the planning approval procedure (Status: 13.12.2016)

Romania: Technical Assistance for Revising and Complementing the Feasibility Study regarding the Improvement of the Navigation Conditions on the Romanian-Bulgarian Common Sector of the Danube and Complementary Studies (FAST DANUBE) (Status: 29.11.2016)

Romania: SMART Waterway Integrated Management (Status: 29/11/2016)

Slovakia: Upgrade of Gabčíkovo locks (Status: 29/01/2016)

Germany: Variant-independent investigation on the development of Danube waterway between Straubing and Vilshofen (project completed)

Austria: Integrated River Engineering Project on the Danube East of Vienna (Status: 13/08/2015)

Slovakia: Complex solution of Danube stretch above Bratislava (Status: 20/01/2014)

Slovakia: Complex solution of Danube stretch below Bratislava (Water Structure Gabčíkovo–Nagymaros) (Status: 20/01/2014)

Hungary: Improvement of the navigability on the Danube in Hungary (project completed)

Croatia: Regulation works on the Danube river on km 1,323 (Sotin) (Status: 13/01/2014)

Croatia and Serbia: Eliminating bottlenecks on the Croatian/Serbian part of Danube River (Status: 20/11/2015)

Serbia: Preparation of Necessary Documentation for River Training and Dredging Works on selected locations along the Danube River in Serbia (Status: 02/06/2014)

Bulgaria: Improvement of navigation in the joint Bulgarian-Romanian section of the Danube river from km 530 to km 520 – Batin and from km 576 to km 560 – Belene (Status: 10/04/2013)

Romania: Improving navigation conditions on the Romanian–Bulgarian common section of the Danube (rkm 845.5–375) (Status: 13/09/2011)

Romania: Improving navigation conditions on the Danube between Călăraşi and Brăila (rkm 375–175) (Status: 13/09/2011)

Ukraine: Construction of the Deep-Water Fairway Danube - Black Sea in the Ukrainian Part of the Danube Delta (Status: 02/08/2013)

Romania: Banks protection on the Sulina Canal (Status: 13/09/2011)

Croatia: International ship winter shelter on the Danube in Croatia (Status: 13/01/2014)

Danube Shipwreck Removal (Status: 11/04/2013)

Private Project No.81000/2014 - Removal of ship wrecks (Status: 28/10/2014)

Serbia: Removal of unexploded ordnance (UXO) from the Danube River, sector Prahovo (project completed)

Serbia: Cleaning the Danube River bottom from sunken vessels, sector Prahovo (Status: 09/03/2012)

Serbia: Capital repairs (rehabilitation) of Navigation Locks at HEPS Đerdap I and HEPS Đerdap II (Status: 09/03/2012)

Serbia: Construction of new Žeželj bridge in Novi Sad (Status: 08/04/2013)

Artificial canals:

Romania: Rehabilitation of locks on the Danube-Black Sea Canal and the Poarta Alba-Midia Navodari Canal (Status: 19/10/2016)

Romania: Banks consolidation on the Danube–Black Sea Canal (Status: 12/04/2013)

Romania: Banks consolidation on the Poarta Alba–Midia Navodari Canal (Status: 13/09/2011)

Romania: Waiting berth for the dismantling/remaking of pushed convoys at the junction between the Danube–Black Sea Canal and the Poarta Alba–Midia Navodari Canal (Status: 13/09/2011)

Danube tributaries:

Rehabilitation and Development of Transport and Navigation on the Sava River Waterway (Status: 22/08/2013)

Croatia: Reconstruction and Improvement of the Sava River in Croatia (Status: 13/01/2014)

Ukraine: Navigation on the river Tisza and exploring the possibility of construction of a river port at the junction of three borders of Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia (Status: 18/01/2012)

Slovakia: Completion, reconstruction and modernization of the river Váh waterway (Status: 20/01/2014)

Slovakia: Feasibility Study "Recreational Navigation on the Morava River" (rkm 0.00 - rkm 69.30) (Status: 20/01/2014)

Missing links:

Czech Republic: Analytic Study of the need of water corridor Danube-Oder-Elbe (Status: 05/04/2014)

Croatia: Construction of multi-purpose Danube-Sava Canal (Status: 13/01/2014)

Romania: Systematization of Argeş and Dâmboviţa Rivers for navigation and other uses – "Danube–Bucharest Canal" (Status: 12/04/2013)