Investments in education and training

Investments in education and training

Posted by Viktoria Weissenburger, Tuesday, 27th June 2017 @ 2:38 pm

Basic  project  data  -  project  idea

Project ID: PA1A101

Need  and  added  value  for  the  Danube  Region  Strategy

Navigation companies operating on the Danube have been experiencing acute scarcity of staff with different levels of training and qualification. The crewing shortage is expected to become even more serious, because of Ukrainian economic integration with European countries with subsequent forming of the common labour market.

Objective(s)  of  the  project

The overall objective of this project would have been to meet the labour market demands for experts with different levels of training and qualification for waterway transport enterprises via essential renewal of modern experts training in the Danube region.

Intended  project  activities

Creation of a full-scale degree education system of qualified staff of navigation companies, port infrastructure companies, riverine craft, with the blue-collar jobs training (seamen, motormen and the like) at the bottom of the hierarchy and training the masters on its top.

Based on the Kyiv State Maritime Academy (KSMA) and KSMA organisation departments in the Danube region it was suggested to create:

  • the full-scale education system for obtaining degrees of personnel training;
  • the faculty of water transport in Izmail of KSMA;
  • Center of training and further training of seamen of the Danube region countries, equipped with up-to-date training facilities.

For a long time, KSMA in its remote structural departments (the Danube educational-consultation and Izmail educational-consultation centres) has trained specialists for complicated navigation along the Danube river and for working at institutions of coastal infrastructure. Preparation work has been carried out in accordance with the Decree of Ministry of Education and Youth and Sport of Ukraine related to the foundation of a Faculty of maritime transport of KSMA in Izmail.

Transboundary  impact

Meeting the maritime enterprises demands of the Danube region countries.

Project  beneficiaries  /  target  groups

  • Navigation companies in the Danube region
  • Companies of port infrastructure of the Danube region

status  and  timeframe

The project was not realised.
Project duration would have been from 2013 - 2014.


Total budget: 3,953,000 EUR (indicative)
Funding was not provided.

Project  team

Project leader: Ministry of Education and Science / Ukraine
                        Kyiv State Maritime Academy / Ukraine (website:

Address: Frunze St. 9; Kyiv / Ukraine

Project partner(s):

  • Ukrainian Private Joint Stock Company “UDP” (“Ukrainian – Danube steamship company”) / Ukraine
  • Incorporated Shipping Company “Ukrrichflot” / Ukraine

Project  environment

Strategic  reference

Aspiring of Ukraine for joining the European Union. Development of relationships with European Union in different spheres, including education.

EUSDR  Embedding


EUSDR  Compliance


Other  relevant  issues

Project  requirements

For implementation of the project "Investments in education and training" within the framework of the Ukrainian participation in realization of the strategy of European Union concerning the Danube region the sum of 3,953,000 EUR would have been needed.

Meta  data

Data provided by: Maryan Berezyuk (Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Ukraine) - 08.05.2013

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