Implementation of River Information Services in Serbia

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Implementation of River Information Services in Serbia

Posted by Viktoria Weissenburger, Thursday, 29th June 2017 @ 1:37 pm

Basic  project  data

Project ID: PA1A020

Need  and  added  value  for  the  Danube  Region  Strategy

Implementation of river information services is recognized as one of the priority projects in the Master Plan for IWW Transport in Serbia (2006). For the development of an efficient and sustainable transport system in the whole region, River Information Services (RIS) needed to be developed on the Serbian section of the Danube.

Objective(s)  of  the  project

  • Enhance the traffic safety by monitoring and managing the traffic on the Danube waterway;
  • Optimize utilization of the Danube waterway (esp. at bottlenecks like locks, shallow water / narrow passages and similar);
  • Establish manageability of the traffic on the Danube by providing the possibility of giving navigational / directional aids to the traffic;
  • Enable the authorities to manage and plan the traffic operation and strategy;
  • Enable quick and timely response in the event of an accident or similar;
  • Improve safety, manageability and esp. timely response in any incident which involves hazardous cargo;
  • Enable the authorities to distribute information to other operators and organizations to integrate the information in logistic chains and enable seamless transport operations;
  • Ensure compliance with the International Border Management Strategy and other existing RIS in the region.

Conducted  project  activities

1. Supply of necessary RIS equipment

2. System integration

3. Supervision of implementation

Transboundary  impact

Serbian River Information Services now cover the entire stretch of the Danube River in Serbia, including cross-border sections which form a crucial part of the system. Implementation of RIS in Serbia is harmonized with the existing RIS systems in Europe.

Project  beneficiaries  /  target  groups

Main beneficiaries of the project were the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy and the Directorate for Inland Waterways. Within Serbian administration, RIS is being used by Iron Gate I and II navigation locks, Customs, Ministry of Interior (river police, border police, gendarmerie, sector for urgent situation – the fire brigade). The number of commercial users has been increased.

Status  and  timeframe

Start date: 16.09.2009
End date: 15.03.2013
The project is already concluded.


Total budget: 10,500,000 EUR
EU funds: 10,500,000 EUR were funded by Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) - National Programme 2007

Project  team

Project leader: Ministry of Transport (Directorate for Inland Waterways – Plovput) (website:
Address: Francuska 9; 11000 Belgrade / Republic of Serbia

No additional partners were involved.

Project  environment

strategic  reference

  • Master Plan for IWW Transport in Serbia (2006)
  • Serbian Transport Development Strategy for Period 2008-1015 (2008)
  • General Master Plan for Transport in Serbia (2009)
  • Serbian Law on Navigation and Ports on Inland Waterways (2010)
  • Danube Commission Recommendations
  • EU RIS Directive (2005/44/EC)


In Master Plan for IWW Transport in Serbia (2006) priority projects are identified, among them implementation of river information services (RIS). Preparation of this document was funded by the EU. Besides, preparation of documentation for implementation of RIS in Serbia was funded by EU.

EUSDR  embedding


eusdr  compliance


Meta  data

Data provided by: Ivan Mitrovic (Plovput, Serbia) - 12.09.2011
Last update by: Ivan Mitrovic (Plovput, Serbia) - 08.04.2013

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