Deepening of the fairway of the Upper Main

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Deepening of the fairway of the Upper Main

Posted by Viktoria Weissenburger, Friday, 28th September 2018 @ 3:49 pm

Basic  project  data 

Project ID: PA1A157  
Project website: (German)

Need  and  added  value  for  the  Danube  Region  Strategy

The Main is 524 km long, of which 388 km are navigable. The Main connects the Rhine and the Danube via the Main-Danube Canal and is therefore an important part of the inland waterway network of the Danube Region. All measures concerning the upgrade of the waterway infrastructure at the Main are thus beneficial for the transport on the Danube as well.

Currently, the fairway depth is 2.5 m at the Upper Main.


The upgrade of the Upper Main to class Vb is intended to enable a fairway depth of 2.9m, increasing the possible depth by 4 dm. The fairway width is intended to be increased from 36m to 40m.

conducted  and  planned  project  activities

Planning, approval and construction phases are conducted subsequently for different sections and are expected to be completed by 2020.

  • Würzburg (concluded)
  • Randersacker/Goßmannsdorf (concluded)
  • Marktbreit/Kitzingen (concluded)
  • Dettelbach/Gerlachshausen (concluded)
  • Wipfeld/Garstadt/Schweinfurt
  • Ottendorf and Knetzgau
  • Limbach/Viereth (concluded)

(c) Wasserstraßen-Neubauamt Aschaffenburg

Works from Würzburg (Main km 252) to Wipfeld (Main km 316) have already been completed. Also the impoundment between Limbach and Viereth is already completed. The deepening of the fairway between Wipfeld and Limbach is ongoing and financing is secured. Planned: Implementation of the remaining sections Wipfeld-Garstadt-Schweinfurt and Ottendorf-Knetzgau.  

transboundary  impact

The Main connects the Danube and the Rhine via the Main-Danube Canal. The result of the works will be an increase in transnational transports along the Rhine-Main-Danube axis.

Project  beneficiaries  /  target  groups

waterway users

status  and  timeframe

Start date: ongoing since before 2000
End date: 2020


The project is implemented in several sections, please see conducted and planned activities.


Total budget: approx. 55 million EUR for the already completed sections
The total amount is financed from national budget.

Project  team

Project leader: Wasserstraßen-Neubauamt Aschaffenburg / Germany (website:
Address: Hockstraße 10, 63743 Aschaffenburg / Germany
Contact data:; +49 6021 312 - 0

Project  environment

Project  Cross - Reference

Deepening of the fairway of the Lower Main (PA1A162)

eusdr  embedding


eusdr  compliance


meta  data

Data provided by: viadonau (based on information from the project website) - 25.09.2018

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