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Danube STREAM - Smart, Integrated and Harmonized Waterway Management (EUSDR Strategic Project)

Posted by Viktoria Weissenburger, Monday, 11th September 2017 @ 8:47 am

Basic  project  data 

Project ID: PA1A126
Project website: www.interreg-danube.eu/approved-projects/danube-stream

Need  and  added  value  for  the  Danube  Region  Strategy

The shipping companies, logistics companies and the waterway administrations themselves shall experience the improved daily workflows of waterway administrations in specific topics, like environmentally sound and effective waterway management and IT services provided by the administrations to its users.


The project objectives can be categorized as follows:

  • The common user information services describe several instruments which are available free-of-charge to the users of the Danube waterway and its main tributaries. With the updates provided in relation to these services the waterway administrations will be providing information according to the latest standards to users.
  • Waterway administrations are cooperating to improve comprehensive waterway management of the Danube and its tributaries (according to the European Danube Region Strategy Priority Area 1a - Inland Navigation). Intersectoral cooperation is foreseen to enforce the development of this transport mode in cooperation with Protected Areas, to minimize the environmental impact of inland navigation.
  • In order to guarantee the sustainability of the project results the Board of Directors (which includes the managers of the waterway administrations and was established in the course of the NEWADA project) will frequently verify and guide the performance of the administrations in waterway infrastructure management and information services. Integrated stakeholder management approach will be performed.

planned  project  activities

  1. Improve common user services provided by the waterway administrations (e.g. ENC development, FIS portal development)
  2. Harmonized and innovative waterway management will capitalize and implement results from NEWADA duo project and facilitate cooperation between Protected Areas and waterway administrations along the Danube River.
  3. Strategic perspectives as, strategic cooperation between the administrations and Board of Directors is set to continue.

transboundary  impact

The Danube region including navigable tributaries.

Project  beneficiaries  /  target  groups

  • Danube shipping companies (incl. captains, personnel on board)
  • Danube logistics companies (incl. shipping and forwarding companies, logistics operators, port/ terminal operators, cargo owners)
  • Transnational (i.e. DG MOVE, DC) and national (ministries) public administrations

status  and  timeframe

Start date: 01.01.2017
End date: 30.06.2019


Total budget: 2,108,661.42 EUR
EU funds: 1,636,123.69 EUR (European Regional Development Fund)
                     156,238.50 EUR (Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance)
funded by Danube Transnational Programme (DTP) 2014 - 2020
National funds: 316,299.23 EUR

Project  team

Project leader: via donau – Österreichische Wasserstraßen-Gesellschaft mbH / Austria
(website: www.viadonau.org)
Address: Donau-City-Straße 1, 1220 Wien / Austria
Contact person: Gudrun Maierbrugger
Contact data: gudrun.maierbrugger@viadonau.org; +43 5 04321 1633

Project partner(s):

  • Slovak Water Management Enterprise, state enterprise (SVP) / Slovakia
  • General Directorate of Water Management (OVF) / Hungary
  • National Association of Radio Distress-Signalling and Infocommunications (RSOE) / Hungary
  • Agency for Inland Waterways (AVP) / Croatia
  • River Administration of the Lower Danube Galati (AFDJ) / Romania
  • Administration of the Navigable Canals SH (ACN) / Romania
  • Executive Agency for Exploration and Maintenance of the Danube River (EAEMDR) / Bulgaria
  • Directorate for Inland Waterways (Plovput) / Serbia

Project  environment

Project  cross - reference

Strategic  reference

• Fairway Rehabilitation and Maintenance Master Plan / EUSDR PA1a

• Trans-European Transport Network

• NAIADES Action Programme

• Europe 2020

Apart from strategies on the EU level, there are several national strategies for the development and promotion of inland waterway transport in the countries of the participating project partners in place.

Relevant  legislation

  • European Agreement of Main Inland Waterways of International Importance (AGN), done at Geneva on 19 January 1996, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.
  • Recommandations relatives à l'établissement des gabarits du chenal, des ouvrages hydrotechniques et autres sur le Danube, Budapest 1988, Danube Commission.
  • Directive 2005/44/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 7 September 2005 on harmonised river information services (RIS) on inland waterways in the Community.

eusdr  embedding

eusdr  compliance

meta  data

Data provided by: Barbara Kéri (via donau, Austria) - 20.10.2015

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