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  • Danube SKILLS - Increased institutional capacity in Danube navigation by boosting joint transnational competences and skills in education and public development services (EUSDR Strategic Project)

Danube SKILLS - Increased institutional capacity in Danube navigation by boosting joint transnational competences and skills in education and public development services (EUSDR Strategic Project)

Posted by Viktoria Weissenburger, Friday, 19th May 2017 @ 9:30 am

Basic  project  data

Project ID: PA1A124
Project website: http://www.interreg-danube.eu/approved-projects/danube-skills
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DanubeSkills

Need  and  added  value  for  the  Danube  Region  Strategy

Today there is still a lack of transparency and knowledge on how to integrate green Danube navigation into sustainable transport solutions. Increased institutional and organisational capacity should help equip public service providers with a critical mass of information and support to understand (=mind shift) and use (=modal shift) Danube transport.

Besides, there is a shortage of qualified personnel on-board inland vessels and fragmented legal framework governing skills and qualifications in the Danube inland transport sector and hindering recognition of qualifications and mobility of work force.

Objective(s)  of  the  project

Danube SKILLS aimed to increase institutional capacity of the Danube region by boosting joint transnational capacities of education and public services for inland waterways:

  • contribute to better qualifications of IWT work force and increased job security;
  • enable the free movement of workers and reduce loss of life and damages by avoidance of accidents;
  • prepare adoption of EU regulations in the Danube region by the joint development and implementation of new transnational learning tools;
  • strengthen institutional capacity and transnational cooperation in order to encourage the use of environmentally friendly inland navigation in the Danube region (Danube logistics promotion);
  • bring more transparency into the Danube transport sector by offering free and open information tools.

Conducted  project  activities

  1. Make public institutions in charge with nautical training and certification fit to implement common European standards;
  2. Make public institutions responsible for Danube navigation development fit to provide services to actively trigger a raise of modal share of green Danube transport and to act as 1-stop-shops for Danube logistics;
  3. Set-up of institutional (= sector-wide) Capacity Building cooperation for improving legal and policy frameworks on nautical qualifications and Danube transport promotion.

Transboundary  impact

Partners from Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania & International associations

Project  beneficiaries  /  target  groups

  • Danube shipping companies (incl. captains, personnel on board)
  • Danube logistics companies (incl. shipping and forwarding companies, logistics operators, port/ terminal operators, cargo owners)
  • Public Danube logistics education institutions
  • Public Danube logistics promotion centres
  • Transnational (i.e. DG MOVE, CCNR, DC) and national (ministries) public administrations
  • International institutions (i.e. EDINNA, ETF)

Status  and  timeframe

Start date: 01.01.2017
End date: 30.06.2019
The project is already concluded.


Total budget: 2,023,100 EUR
EU funds: 1,586,185 EUR (European Regional Development Fund)
                     133,450 EUR (Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance)
funded by Danube Transnational Programme (DTP) 2014 - 2020
National funds: 303,465 EUR (financing through project partners)

Project  team

Project leader: CERONAV – Romanian maritime training centre / Romania (website: http://www.ceronav.ro/)
Address: Str. Pescarilor 69A; 900581 Constanta / Romania

Project partner(s):

  • Romanian Maritime Training Centre/Romania (CERONAV)
  • Union of Inland Ports/Romania
  • viadonau - Austrian Waterway Company/Austria
  • University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria/Austria
  • Maritime School Bratislava/Slovakia
  • Waterborne Transport Development Agency/Slovakia
  • National Association of Radio Distress-Signalling and Infocommunications/Hungary
  • Executive Agency Maritime Administration/Bulgaria
  • Forum  for Balkan Transport and Infrastructure/Bulgaria
  • Inland Navigation Development Centre Ltd/Croatia
  • Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences/Croatia
  • School of shipping, shipbuilding and hydrobuilding/Serbia
  • Port Governance Agency/Serbia
  • Central Commission for the Navigation on the Rhine
  • Danube Commission
  • International Sava River Basin Commission
  • Development Centre for Ship Technology and Transport Systems/Germany
  • Romanian Ministry of Transport
  • Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic
  • European Transport Workers’ Federation
  • Edinna Association
  • Association for Inland Navigation and Waterways/Germany

Project  environment

Project  cross - reference

especially NELI (PA1A009) and HINT (PA1A018)

Strategic  reference

  • Europe 2020
  • EUSDR PA 10

Relevant  legislation

Directive 96/50/EC on the harmonization of the conditions for obtaining national boatmasters' certificates for the carriage of goods and passengers by inland waterway in the Community

EUSDR  Embedding


Eusdr  compliance


Meta  data

Data provided by: Gerhard Klatt (viadonau) - 15.10.2016
Last updated by: viadonau - 12.08.2019

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