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  • ATTRACTIVE EMPLOYMENT - Attractive Employment in Danube Navigation – A roadmap to a sustainable and prospering Danube navigation system offering attractive jobs and working conditions for its employees

ATTRACTIVE EMPLOYMENT - Attractive Employment in Danube Navigation – A roadmap to a sustainable and prospering Danube navigation system offering attractive jobs and working conditions for its employees

Posted by Viktoria Weissenburger, Tuesday, 27th June 2017 @ 1:51 pm

Basic  Project  Data  -  project  idea

Project ID: PA1A022

Need  and  added  value  for  the  Danube  Region  Strategy

Cost-effective logistics solutions on the Danube have a significant potential to maintain and increase the competitiveness of the industrial sector of the Danube region. But, the overall economic situation of the Danube navigation sector must be improved in order to materialize the benefits for the economy of the region as well as to become a more attractive sector for job seekers. The Danube navigation sector currently faces a very heterogeneous legal framework which requires a step-wise harmonization in order to prevent unfair competition and its negative impact on the workforce.

Objective(s)  of  the  project

The project would have aimed to investigate the current socio-economic situation and the framework conditions of the businesses as well as of the employed people in the Danube navigation sector. It would have provided a sound analysis as well as substantial recommendations for a forward strategy and a roadmap for gradual improvements in the framework of European transport, labour and social policy.

The project would have identified existing shortcomings and would have proposed concrete actions how to improve the overall efficiency of Danube navigation. In parallel, it would have proposed how to raise the levels of education & training and how to increase social security standards as well as labour conditions in order to become more attractive for skilled workforce. 

Intended  project  activities

  • Analysis of the economic situation of Danube navigation sector
  • Analysis of the socio-economic situation of employees in the sector
  • Assessment of current framework for transport competition, labour and social security legislation and administration
  • Assessment of competitive situation and economic prospects for Danube transport & logistics among EU states, candidates and Non-EU states
  • Assessment of competitive situation and prospectsfor workforce
  • Investigations in all Danube states and comparisons with Western Europe
  • Catalogue of recommendations on harmonization needs, required changes in legal framework, support and development schemes, new instruments, actions to be taken
  • A vision and a strategy to develop Danube navigation into a profitable business with excellent working conditions for its employees based on fair competition
  • Dissemination of project results into relevant organisations/bodies for legislation and administration as well as into sector business community

Transboundary  impact

The analysis of the current situation as well as the recommendations would have addressed all Danube countries (EU, Candidates, Non-EU).

Project  beneficiaries  /  target  groups

  • People being employed in Danube navigation sector
  • Navigation sector (Employers)
  • People seeking job opportunities in Danube region
  • Users of Danube transport & logistics (win in competition, safe-guarding and promoting sustainable economic growth)

Status  and  timeframe

The project was not realised.
Project duration would have been 2012 - 2013.


Total budget: 750,000 EUR (indicative)
Funding was not provided.

Project  team

Project leader: Pro Danube International (website:
Address: Handelskai 265; 1020 Vienna / Austria

Project partner(s):

A consortium of experts from all Danube states covering: researchers in social and economic policy, representatives of the social partners, experts in Danube navigation, transport policy experts, International Organisations (like ETF, Danube Commission, etc.) would have been needed.

Project  environment

Project  cross - reference

  • especially NELI (PA1A009)
  • Platina – WP 3 Jobs & Skills
  • EDINNA – Education in lnland Navigation
  • Social Dialogue Inland Navigation (DG Employment)

Strategic  reference

  • Europe 2020 Strategy (Employment guidelines)
  • Improvement and harmonization of social regulations for Danube navigation
  • White Paper – Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area

Relevant  legislation

Relevant regulations in transport, social and labour policy.

eusdr  embedding


EUSDR  Compliance


Other  relevant  issues

Project  requirements

Formation of a competent consortium, provision of project financing, access to relevant data in all Danube states.

Follow - up  project

Implementation projects following roadmap.

Meta  data

Data provided by: Manfred Seitz (Pro Danube International) - 17.10.2011
Last update by: via donau, Austria - 07.12.2011

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