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DaReM – Danube Rehabilitation Measures

The Action aims to implement the Fairway Rehabilitation and Maintenance Master Plan for the Danube and its tributaries by modernising the dredging equipment and fleet of the Slovak Water-management Enterprise (SVP) as well as the Water construction state enterprise (VV) and by removing bottlenecks on the Slovak Danube stretch.

MreNa - Feasibility study: Morava River - Recreational Navigation

The project MreNa focused on the river March/Morava which marks part of the border between Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and its high tourist potential. MreNa conducted a feasibility study as to how shipping tourism can be extended while minding its effects on the nature protection areas as well as the different jurisdiction in Austria and Slovakia.

IDA - Pollutant emissions reduction of IWT ships on the Danube Corridor

This project idea was about addressing the urgent need to reduce levels of pollutant emissions caused by inland waterway transport (IWT), both on board of vessels and in river ports. The holistic programme of research would have developed the “eco-friendly ship” concept and taken into account the concept of a "green port".

Constanta Green Port

The project idea comprises of the development of an Environmental Management System (EMS) for Constanta Port, obtaining the EMAS & PERS certification for the port, increased cooperation between stakeholders active within the port, the improvement of the social climate, health, safety and training of port workers, etc.

PROTECT - Upgrade of infrastructure and environmental protection in Constanța Port

The ongoing project will focus on safe maritime port access in the form of navigational aids (upgrading the signalling system in the port basin and the fairway), extension of basic infrastructure in the form of quays, constructing a new state of the art on-shore waste collection and treatment facility, and purchasing a technical vessel.

LNG Masterplan for Rhine-Main-Danube

The LNG Masterplan created a platform for cooperation between authorities and industry stakeholders with the purpose to facilitate the elaboration of a harmonised European regulatory framework for LNG as fuel and cargo in inland navigation and to promote the introduction of LNG as a fuel and cargo for inland shipping. A comprehensive strategy with a detailed roadmap was elaborated and pilot components were tested and monitored.