Inland Waterway Transport Policies

Inland Waterway Transport Policies

Actions on inland waterway transport policies

The following actions for achieving the targets regarding inland waterway transport policies in the Danube region are specified in the Action Plan (SEC(2010) 1489 final) which accompanies the Communication of the European Commission on the European Union Strategy for the Danube Region (COM(2010) 715 final) of 8.12.2010:

  • To coordinate national transport policies in the field of navigation in the Danube Basin
    Key tasks: national administrations are called upon to pursue an active integration of inland waterway transport into their national transport strategies and policies, in a coordinated way; use the comprehensive set of measures of the NAIADES Action Programme in order to exploit the full potential of inland navigation
  • To support the Danube Commission in finalising the process of reviewing the Belgrade Convention
    Key tasks: achieve the revision of the Convention in order to strengthen the role of the Danube Commission and to allow the accession of the European Commission as Member.

Projects and project ideas

Aimed at the implementation of the above-mentioned actions, the following projects and project ideas have been reported to or identified by the Priority Area Coordinators:

Platform for the implementation of NAIADES (PLATINA) (project example in EUSDR Action Plan) (project completed)

PLATINA II - Platform for the implementation of NAIADES (Status: 26/06/2013)

Supporting EU's Freight Transport Logistics Action Plan on Green Corridors Issues (SuperGreen) (project completed)

Green Engineering for Challenges in Inland Navigation: The Danube Perspective (Green Chain) (Status: 27/02/2012)

Hungary: ProDuna - Establishment of the Hungarian IWT Promotion Centre (Status: 24/04/2014)