Fleet Modernisation

Fleet Modernisation

Actions on fleet modernisation

The following action for achieving the targets regarding the modernisation of the inland fleet in the Danube region is specified in the Action Plan (SEC(2010) 1489 final) which accompanies the Communication of the European Commission on the European Union Strategy for the Danube Region (COM(2010) 715 final) of 8.12.2010:

  • To modernise the Danube fleet in order to improve environmental and economic performance
    Key tasks: improve environmental and economic performance of Danube navigation via innovation (vessels, engines, alternative fuels), fleet modernisation (incl. retrofitting), waste management and logistics operations; establish common approach for the modernisation of vessels

Projects and project ideas

Aimed at the implementation of the above-mentioned action, the following projects and project ideas have been reported to or identified by the Priority Area Coordinators:

Research and development:

Promoting Innovation in the Inland Waterways Transport Sector (PROMINENT) (Status: 15/09/2015)

Innovative Danube Vessel (pilot action implemented by PACs of PA1A) (project completed)

Development of a Next Generation European Inland Waterway Ship and Logistics System (NEWS) (Status: 03/04/2013)

Pollutant emissions reduction of IWT ships on the Danube Corridor (IDA) (Status: 27/02/2012)

Modernisation of Vessels for Inland Waterway Freight Transport (MoVe IT!) (Status: 25/03/2013)

LNG Masterplan for Rhine-Main-Danube (Statua: 03/04/2013)

LNG Power Train for Danube Inland Navigation (LDS) (project completed)

Waste management:

Waste Management for Inland Navigation on the Danube (WANDA) (project example in EUSDR Action Plan) (project completed)

Convention for Waste Management for Inland Navigation on the Danube (CO-WANDA) (Status: 24/01/2014)

Romania: System for ship-generated waste collection and processing in the maritime Danube ports (CODENAV) (Status: 13/09/2011)

Romania: Ship-generated waste collection and processing system and response in cases of pollution on the Danube sector managed by the CN APDF SA Giurgiu (Status: 13/09/2011)

Ukraine: Сreation of integrated system оf waste management from ships in the Ukrainian part of the Danube river (Status: 18/01/2012)